How to Get All Red Rings in Planet Wisp Act 1

If you’re stuck on how to get all the red rings in Planet Wisp Act 1, look no further! This guide will show you everything you need to do.

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In this guide, we will show you how to get all Red Rings in Planet Wisp Act 1.

Planet Wisp is the first level of Sonic Colors and is also one of the easiest to get all Red Rings in. There are a total of 20 Red Rings to find in this act.

The first 10 Red Rings can be found in the following order:

1. After the first set of fans, there is a Ring above some spikes. Jump up and grab it.

2. After the second set of fans, there is a platforms that goes up and down. Jump on it and ride it up to get the Ring.

3. After the third set of fans, there will be some more spikes with a Ring in between them. Jump and grab it.

4. At the end of the third set of fans, there is a spring that will bounce you up to a platform with a Ring on it. Grab it before you fall off.

5. When you reach the bottom, there will be two bombs next to each other with a Ring in between them. Time your jump so that you grab the Ring and dodge the bomb at the same time.

6. There is a ring above some more spikes after the fourth set of fans. Jump up and grab it when it’s safe to do so.. Spring up tograb hold of pole, then onto next platform for ring#7 . float down holding jump for ring# 8 then back left for ring #9 which are above some fhazers) now double jump (or timing your jump right) and over gap for red ring #10!

Red Ring #1

In order to get the first Red Ring, you need to head to the very bottom of the first section. When you see the metal grate, drop down and fall through it. When you land, continue heading left and you’ll eventually come across the Red Ring.

Red Ring #2

This ring is located shortly after the first one. You’ll come to an area with a couple spinning platforms. Get on the second one and use it to reach the top. The ring is up here.

Red Ring #3

From the start of the Act, going forward, you’ll see a red ring in the background, atop a three-tiered rock platform. To get to it, use the Rocket Booster to reach the top of a nearby cliff, then jump and hover over to the rock platform.

Red Ring #4

This ring is just before the first set of moving platforms. When you see the platforms, look to the left and you should see the ring in between some ledges. To get it, popularity jump off the first ledge on the left, then air dash to the second ledge. From there, you should be able to long jump to the ring.

Red Ring #5

In the second room of the stage, you’ll need to use the Blue Wisp to turn into a laser and shoot through a small hole in the wall. After going through the hole, turn around and you’ll see the ring in plain sight.

Red Ring #6

In the first room with the 3 moving platforms, jump on the first one and then double jump to the second. When you get close to the third, jump and hover to get to the other side. The ring is in between the second and third platform.


You now know how to get all of the red rings in Planet Wisp Act 1! Be sure to collect them all so you can unlock the secret endings in Sonic Colors. Thanks for reading, and good luck!

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