Red Planet: The Best Movie About Mars Yet?

A review of the movie “Red Planet” and why it may be the best movie about Mars yet.

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Red Planet is a 2000 American science fiction film directed by Antony Hoffman and starring Val Kilmer, Carrie-Anne Moss, Tom Sizemore, and Benjamin Bratt. The film was released on November 10, 2000, by Warner Bros. Pictures. Despite grossing $33 million worldwide on a budget of $80 million, it was considered a box office bomb and was panned by critics.

What is “Red Planet” about?

Red Planet is a 2000 science fiction film directed by Antony Hoffman, starring Val Kilmer, Carrie-Anne Moss and Tom Sizemore. The film depicts the first manned mission to Mars, in 2056, and the first attempt at colonisation. However, when a life support malfunction strands the crew (of six) on the surface, they face an increasingly desperate battle to survive.

The film was generally panned by critics, who criticised its direction, script and acting. However, its visual effects were praised, and it has since gained a cult following.

Why is “Red Planet” the best movie about Mars yet?

“Red Planet” is the best movie about Mars yet because it accurately depicts the planet as it is today. Mars is a cold, dry, and lifeless world, and “Red Planet” capture this perfectly. The movie also makes excellent use of CGI to create realistic Martian landscapes.


I would definitely recommend Red Planet to anyone interested in exploring the possibility of human life on Mars. It’s a well-made film with excellent acting and production values, and it really makes you think about the challenges we would face if we tried to colonize the red planet.

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