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Red Planet Mars is a 1952 American science fiction film directed by Harry Horner and starring Peter Graves, Andrea King, and Heinz Ruehmann. The film is based on the novel Red Planet by Robert A. Heinlein.

The story follows the attempts of Martian colonists toscientifically prove the existence of life on Mars, despite the opposition of their government. When they succeed, they must deal with the ramifications of their discovery.

Red Planet Mars was Heinlein’s only novel to be adapted for the screen. It was released in the United States on October 3, 1952, and in West Germany on December 24, 1952.

Plot Summary

A scientist in the early 2050s has developed a way to contact Mars, and a transmission is sent asking the planet’s inhabitants for help. A subsequent transmission from Mars says that their civilization is in danger and asks for Earth’s help. The scientist, Andrei Blokhin, his wife Lydia, and their son Peter journey to Mars to help the Martian civilization.

The Blokhins arrive on Mars to find that the planet is in chaos. They are captured by the Martian military and taken to the Martian capital city of Corinth where they meet the Martian leader, Colonel George Tatarinov. Tatarinov tells them that the Martians are being attacked by unknown forces and need Earth’s help. The Blokhins are taken to a Martian base where they meet the base commander, Major Alexander Barkov. Barkov shows them a video of a recent battle in which the Martians were defeated by an unknown enemy.

The Blokhins are then taken to another base where they meet scientists who are working on a way to weaponize Mars’ atmosphere. The scientists believe that if they can make Mars’ atmosphere poisonous to the unknown enemy, they can win the war. However, they need a sample of the enemy’s blood in order to create the weapon.

The Blokhins are then taken to yet another base, this one deep underground, where they meet more scientists who are working on a way to contact aliens. These scientists believe that there is an alien race behind the attacks on Mars and that they can help stop the attacks if they can contact them.

All of these different groups of people are working towards one goal: savingMars from destruction. But who will succeed? And at what cost?

Critical Analysis

Red Planet Mars is a 1952 sci-fi film directed by Harry Horner and starring Peter Graves and Andrea King. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Anthony Pelissier, which was published in 1948.

The story follows the Mars mission of American scientists John Carter (Graves) and his wife Clara (King). They are the first humans to land on Mars, and they quickly discover that the planet is inhabited by intelligent beings. Carter and Clara then set out to contact the Martians and learn about their culture.

Red Planet Mars was not a box office success, but it has since gained a cult following. Many critics have praised the film’s acting, direction, and script, as well as its innovative special effects.


Red Planet Mars is an excellent example of a low-budget, independent film. The acting is serviceable and the directing is competent. The production values are surprisingly high for a film with such a small budget.

The story is intriguing and the film’s ending is both unexpected and satisfying. Overall, Red Planet Mars is an enjoyable science fiction film that is well worth seeking out.

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