Amee on the Red Planet

Join Amee as she blogs about her everyday life living on the red planet!

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Amee is a robot that landed on Mars in May 2008. In this guide, you will learn about Amee’s parts, how Amee moves, and what Amee does on Mars.

The Journey

Amee was the first human to set foot on the red planet. It was a momentous achievement, not just for her, but for humanity as a whole. We had finally made it to Mars, and there was no turning back.

The Trip

It’s been almost a year since Amee left Earth, and she’s finally approaching Mars. It’s been a long trip, but she’s excited to finally be able to see her adopted home up close.

Amee has been through a lot in her life. She was born on Earth, but when she was just a baby, her parents died in a car accident. She was sent to live with her grandparents on Mars, and she’s never been back to Earth since.

Amee has always loved Mars, and she’s excited to finally be able to see it up close. She’s looking forward to exploring the planet and learning more about its history and culture.

The Destination

Amee was built to last 10 years but it’s still going strong after 17. It has been through a lot in that time: freezing cold winters, burning hot summers and one big dust storm. When Amee first arrived on Mars, it had a lot of exploring to do.

Life on Mars

Though it may seem impossible, there are many factors that make it possible for me to survive on the red planet. For one, I have a space suit thatkeeps me warm and has a helmet that provides me with oxygen. My space suit also has a camera so that I can document my journey and share it with people back on Earth. In addition to my space suit, I have a rover that I can live in and that can help me travel to different parts of the planet.

The Landscape

Mars is a desert world. It is much like Earth in many ways: it has mountains, valleys, canyons, volcanoes, weather, seasons and polar ice caps. But there are also big differences. For example, Mars is dusty and rusty in color, there is no oceans of water and the atmosphere is very thin.

The poles of Mars are covered with a thick layer of ice. The north pole has a cap of water ice and carbon dioxide (dry ice). The south pole has a cap of carbon dioxide. Underneath the caps are lakes of liquid water.

The surface of Mars is very old. It is covered with craters from impacts by asteroids and comets. The biggest crater is Valles Marineris which is as big as North America! There are also some volcanoes on Mars. The biggest one is Olympus Mons which is three times taller than Mt Everest!

The People

Life on Mars is not as lonely as you might think! In fact, there are currently six people living on Mars: three Americans, two Russians, and one person from China. These brave souls have been living on the red planet for nearly two years now, and they show no signs of homesickness. In fact, they say that they feel more alive than ever before!

The living conditions on Mars are not easy, but the people who have chosen to live there say that it is worth it. They are able to garden and grow their own food, and they have access to water and air that is clean and pure. They also say that the view of the stars at night is unbeatable.

If you’re thinking about making the move to Mars, there are a few things you should know. First, it will be hard work. There is no gravity on Mars, so everyday tasks like showering and walking can be challenging. You will also need to wear a space suit whenever you leave your home, as the planet’s atmosphere is very thin. But if you’re up for the challenge, life on Mars can be an incredible adventure!


In conclusion, it is evident that water exists on Mars. There is also evidence to suggest that microbial life may have once existed on the planet. However, the current conditions on Mars make it unlikely that any form of known life could exist there today.

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